Audio Messages

VERBA is made by audio files. Only by audio files.
Other Social Networks are dedicated and focused on chat through keyboard, but even them are aware that the destiny of the human interaction with electronical device will evolve toward a voice control.
We are already far ahead, working on the new 3D audio specs. But it is a pleasure for us, to see that the technology is evolving in the direction we took years ago.
Thus: be preparred to use your voice, and to listen through your ears.
The geolocalization of our system ensure us that the beauties we are talking about are always in your sight. Just open your eyes and — thanks to the VERBA contents you have listen — you will discover an entire new world. Or, on the contrary, re-live the Glory of the Past.

Your Audio Message

audio 01

We have prepared for you a lot of beautiful sotries and reports, together with monuments and archeological sites explamnation. But you are the living key player of VERBA. Listen stories leads you to discover unknown horizons for you, and this is wheare we are focused on.
You are the "protagonist": the impact VERBA can have on your feeling is the most relevant part of this experience.
That's why we are extremeely interested in your messages. See below to discover what you can do in VERBA.

Audio Stories


We have to tell you the truth.
We have create stories that, starting from the reality, will bring you somewhere else: namely, into a world that might be happend in the way we have imagined. Or not. You are the Master and the Judge. But, listening what we have created for you, always starting from hystorical data, you can live — in the same place of those characters performed — inside their stories. So, dont't be in an hurry, don't be frantic. Take your time, and let VERBA carry you away into the magic.
This is the role of our stories, sometimes developed into dialogos. The original music you hear is created by an artist to compete with the text in order to dive you in this new reality.

Audio Data Sheets


We haven't forget to tell you the truth.
Together with our fancy stories, you will find in VERBA datasheets that will explain you the state of art of the knowledge about the subjects you are in your sight. Archaeologists, Geologists, Scientists, experts of Art Hystory, Engineers, Architects have cooperate to give you the right information about these places. You don't need more any guide. It is all inside VERBA.

Listen an Audio


VERBA separate stories and data sheets from message. You can hear bith, of course, but with two different interfaces. If you enter the Internal VERBA Stories area, you will be able to read the titles of the audio list related to your nearest Point of Interest, and then decide to listen them one by one, randomically, or the ask VERBA to play all of them, in the sequence preparred for you.
During the listening, an easy graphic control allowes you to move in the audio timeline and to stop it.
We strongly suggest to use a good headset with the microphone included.

Create Your Own Audio Message

With VERBA it's easy.
Three simple phases are required to record and audio message: tap on the Record Icon, ad speak to your smartphone mic. Listen what you have just recorded, to be sure that the contents corresponds to your intention and your feeling — then send the message. Try to re-hear your message, because once that you have sent it to the cloud, many other visitors can listen your message. If you are not sure about what you have recorded, restart form the beginning: only whan you are sure about the content and your performance, send your message.

Sending Your Own Audio Message

When you are ready to send your message, tap on the button "Send".
A short list will immediately appear, asking you the target range of your message. Messages can be sent to every visitor and every VERBA user logged in that VERBA version. We call this kind of message: "Public".
Or you can leave messages only to your group fellows, sharig only with them your feelings and your thoughts (group messages). But you have also the opportunity to leave a message to yourself, to remember some special moments, or to remeber someting that can belong to you only: peersonal messages.
One you have choosen the range, VERBA send your message to the cloud, and it will be immediatrly processed. Please, remember that public messages are checked by the Netiquette. Message in breach of those rules are not deleted, but simply reduced in the audience range. Their target will be changed from "Public" into "Group", or even "personal" in case of hard acceptability.

Finding Messages

Remember: message can be heared and dealt only in the range of the some dozens of meters, as defined for that application. Do not try to listen your audio message too far from the point where they were left, it is impossible. They will disappear from your smartphone.
Remeber even that your public messages have to be approved by the VERBA controler in order to check their Netiquette. They will be not instantly available for the entire audience, then. It will take s while to be on line.



Netiquette is the rules set that points out the so called "bon-ton" in electronic messaging. VERBA encourages you to leave your thoughts, your feelings, your passions to the largest audience. But remeber that many people are following different way of life, different religions, different creeds from yours. An they worth respect just like you.
The same could happens to you. Then plase be free in avery your expression, but remember the mankind out there. In any case, we promis you to hold every message you send in VERBA. In case we do not agree with the "etiquette" of your message, we will not delete it: we will reduce the range of your audience, setting it as a "group" essage (targeted to your group, including you of course) or, in the worst case, to you only.

audio social

Social Audio Network

Visiting relevant places in the world is often done in groups. You and your belovd are a group. Family is a group, as well as a tourist tour group. Even the class is a group. Every pool of people that moves on these places has a logic completely different from a single visitor.
We have a solution for the visit in group, and in the near future a set of innovative services (and games) to be executed into groups.

Group Audio Messages

When you are ready to send a message, VERBA will ask you your message target. If you assign the target to your group, the message will be lesteable just from your group fellows. It would be just like you were in your apartment, or in your classroom. So keep in mind that this audience will receive immediately your message and will be able to answer to it. In the following seconds, or later.

continue on net

Continue on the Web Social

LYes, becauese once you are back home, you can connect to the social web site and, once identified with your nickname and your password, you will be able to access to your entire visit and... to your group discussione. And do further. From the VERBA website you will be able to insert new messages into your visit, positioning them directly on the map. Or you could follow the discussion (even on other themes) with your group fellows. Always using the voice, always with the same VERBA logic.

You as an Author


In this way, VERBA includes the visitors (users) into the range of the authors. As we said at the beginning of this page, you, the initial guest, are the key speaker of VERBA. And as soon as you bigin to leave your precious message, you became one of our favourite authors. Stay on the same page of what you hear from VERBA, and be proud to take parte to this incredible experience. Stay tune with VERBA. Leave your voice to all of us, to the mankind. Forever.