The New Way to know our history. experience cultural heritage.

We are a group of independent creators and experts who have been working for decades in the field of cultural heritage, but each with different approaches and fields of expertise.

We decided to team up because, pursuing our shared vision, we belive culture is the real, unique and fundamental asset of our nation, Italy. Our aim is to disprove those who say that it is not possible to survive on cultural heritage. We want to demonstrate that the opposite is true.

We can only survive with the Culture.

If nations have a destiny, it is Italy’s destiny to be a sort of cultural park where the whole of mankind can spend its free time, restoring the spirit while experiencing and encountering beautiful stories. The stories of our civilization.

A second issue regards our young people.

We seek to pass on our knowledge to the younger generations, empowering them and allowing them to conceive an alternative vision for the present and the future.

It is not a matter of teaching a job or earning money to become rich. It is a question of consciousness and responsibility towards our youth, and the youth of the entire planet


Who we are

We are a heterogeneous group of creatives and inventors.

Monica has dedicated her career to surveying and reproducing archaeological sites and masterpieces discovered by Italian archaeologists, and recently to reinventing ancient environments with animated 3D computer graphics and beautiful renderings. Fabrizio meanwhile, has worked extensively in multimedia and virtual-reality attractions, also cooperating with Activision on a number of research projects. Carlo studied Communication and Advertising for Cultural Heritage, and has more recently worked within the European projects system to facilitate financial support for relevant and innovative proposals.

Below are just some of the names from the long list of talents who have cooperated to produce the Verba project. These creators have been flanked by a team of young professionals who have helped to bring Verba to life: editors, cameramen, audio technicians, programmers, web designers, digital artists, studio managers, and so on.




Production Team

  • Antony Bowden