Audio Messages

Verba is purely made up of audio files. This is the nature of Verba’s contents.
Other social networks are focused on chats that require you to type on a keyboard. But even these social networks are becoming aware that human interaction with electronic devices is destined to evolve towards voice control.
We are already even further ahead by working on new 3D audio specs. But it is great to see that technology is evolving in the same direction we took several years ago.
So, be prepared to use your voice and ears, rather than keyboard and eyes, to interface with your electronic devices. Our system’s geolocalisation capability ensures that the beautiful and fascinating things we are talking about are always the same things you are actually looking at. All you have to do is listen to the contents of Verba, open your eyes and discover an entirely new world, or relive the glories of the past.

Your Audio Message

audio 01

We have prepared for you a lot of beautiful sotries and reports, together with monuments and archeological sites explamnation. But you are the living key player of VERBA. Listen stories leads you to discover unknown horizons for you, and this is wheare we are focused on.
You are the "protagonist": the impact VERBA can have on your feeling is the most relevant part of this experience.
That's why we are extremeely interested in your messages. See below to discover what you can do in VERBA. We have prepared lots of captivating stories and dialogues for you, as well as explanations and descriptions of the monuments and archaeological sites. But you are always the living key player of Verba. Listening to our stories leads you towards the discovery of new horizons.
This is the aim of Verba.
You are the “protagonist” of your visit, and the most important part of this experience is the impact that Verba can have on your sensation of the place. This is why we are extremely interested in your messages. See below to discover what you can do in Verba.

Audio Stories


We have created a series of stories that start from documented history to take you from reality into a world of the past as we have imagined it. Things may have happened the way we tell them, or they might not. We’ll let you be the judge of that. But as you listen to our tales, which are rigorously based on historical data, you can immerse yourself in the lives and events of characters who are associated with the place where you happen to be. You are right there, in the very spot where it all happened. So don’t be in an hurry. Take your time and let Verba fill you with the magic of your surroundings. This is the main aim of our stories, which are sometimes developed into dialogues. The original music you hear has been composed to accompany and compete with the words in order to sweep you away into this new reality.

Audio Information Briefs


We are always concerned with giving you the facts.
So, together with our captivating stories, Verba also includes info briefs that provide you with cutting-edge knowledge about the things you are viewing. Archaeologists, geologists, scientists, art historians, engineers and architects have all worked together to give you the most accurate information regarding these sites. You don’t need any other guide. It’s all in Verba.

Listening to an Audio


Within Verba, the stories and info briefs are separated from the messages. You can hear both, of course, but with two different interfaces. When you enter the stories area of Verba, you will be able to read the titles of the audio files anchored to your nearest Point of Interest. You can then decide to listen to them one by one, or ask Verba to play all of them in the order prepared for you.
As you listen, simple graphic controls allow you to move forwards and backwards along the audio timeline and to stop it.
We strongly recommend using a good-quality headset with incorporated microphone.

Create Your Own Audio Message

With Verba it’s easy.
You can record and save an audio message with three simple steps.
1) Tap the “Record” icon and speak into the mic of your smartphone.
2) Once you have recorded your message, listen back to your words to check you have said what you wanted to say.
3) Send us your message, choosing who can hear it.
If you record a public message addressed to everyone, make sure you listen back to your comments as many other visitors will be able to hear your words once you have sent them to the cloud. If you are not sure about what you have recorded, start again from the beginning. Only send your message when you are happy with its contents.

Sending Your Own Audio Message

When you are ready to send your message, tap on the button "Send".
A short list will immediately appear, asking you the target range of your message. Messages can be sent to every visitor and every VERBA user logged in that VERBA version. We call this kind of message: "Public".
Or you can leave messages only to your group fellows, sharig only with them your feelings and your thoughts (group messages). But you have also the opportunity to leave a message to yourself, to remember some special moments, or to remeber someting that can belong to you only: peersonal messages.
One you have choosen the range, VERBA send your message to the cloud, and it will be immediatrly processed. Please, remember that public messages are checked by the Netiquette. Message in breach of those rules are not deleted, but simply reduced in the audience range. Their target will be changed from "Public" into "Group", or even "personal" in case of hard acceptability. When you are ready to send your message, tap the “Send” button. A list of three options will appear, asking you to select the target range of your message.
1) Public messages: these can heard by every visitor and user logged into that edition of Verba.
2) Group messages: these can only be heard by the fellow members of your group.
3) Personal messages: you can also leave a message addressed just to yourself, as a recollection of a special moment, or to remember something personal to you.
Once you have chosen the target range of your message, VERBA will send it to the cloud where it will be processed immediately. Please remember that public messages should conform to regular “netiquette” standards. Messages in breach of these norms will not be deleted, but simply reduced in audience range. Their target will be changed from “Public” to “Group”, or even limited to “Personal” in the case of messages that risk being offensive.

Finding Messages

Messages can only be heard and managed within a few dozen metres from the spot where they were left, as defined by the application.
It is therefore not possible to listen to your audio messages when you are outside this range. As you move away from the spot where you recorded your comments, they will disappear from your smartphone.
Remember that your public messages have to be approved by the Verba netiquette controller before being made available to the entire audience. It may take a while for them to appear online.



Netiquette is the rules set that points out the so called "bon-ton" in electronic messaging. VERBA encourages you to leave your thoughts, your feelings, your passions to the largest audience. But remeber that many people are following different way of life, different religions, different creeds from yours. An they worth respect just like you.
The same could happens to you. Then plase be free in avery your expression, but remember the mankind out there. In any case, we promis you to hold every message you send in VERBA. In case we do not agree with the "etiquette" of your message, we will not delete it: we will reduce the range of your audience, setting it as a "group" essage (targeted to your group, including you of course) or, in the worst case, to you only. Netiquette is a set of social conventions that outline good manners in electronic messaging. Verba encourages you to leave a record of your thoughts, feelings and passions to the largest possible audience. But just remember that there are lots of people with different ways of life, different religions and different opinions to yours. And they all need to be respected just like you.
So please feel free to express yourself, but just remember that the rest of humanity is out there listening too! Nonetheless, we promise to keep all the messages you send to Verba, even if we think they fail to observe our “etiquette” standards. Rather than deleting such messages, we will limit their audience range from “public” to “group” (i.e. accessible only to your group members, including you, of course).
If we deem any messages to be particularly inappropriate, the audience target will be changed to “personal” (i.e. accessible only to you).

audio social

Social Audio Network

Visiting relevant places in the world is often done in groups. You and your belovd are a group. Family is a group, as well as a tourist tour group. Even the class is a group. Every pool of people that moves on these places has a logic completely different from a single visitor.
We have a solution for the visit in group, and in the near future a set of innovative services (and games) to be executed into groups. When we go sightseeing and visit places of interest around the world, we very often do so in groups. Whether it’s with your family, a regular tourist party, your class or a trip with friends or colleagues, you form a group of people that visits these sites with a completely different logic to the single visitor.
We are developing further solutions for group visits, and in the near future we will be offering a range of innovative services (and games) to be enjoyed in groups.

Group Audio Messages

When you are ready to send a comment, Verba will ask you to select a target range for your message. If you assign the target to your group, only your fellow group members will be able to listen to your comments. It’s a bit like leaving a note on a noticeboard of your house or classroom. So bear in mind that this audience will receive your message and be able to answer, either immediately or at a later date.

continue on net

Continue on the Social Web

Yes, because once you are back at home, you can connect to the social website, log in with your username and password, and you will be able to review your entire visit as well as access your group discussion. But that’s not all. On the Verba website, you will be able to add new messages to your visit and even position them directly on the map. You can also follow the discussion (even on other subjects) with your group members. Always using your voice. Always with the same Verba logic.

You as an Author


Thanks to these features, Verba includes the visitors (users) among its authors and contributors. You, the visitor, can therefore be among the key speakers of Verba by leaving your precious message. Stay tuned to Verba, contribute to history and be proud to take part in this incredible experience. Leave your voice to all of us, to humanity, to history. Forever.