Project Description

Mystery stays for a new approach to the cultural heritage and territory. What is a nowadays a mystery, is the culture in itself. Tha mass tourism has changed dramatically the way in which we can evaluate and appreciate most of the masterpieces in the world. Italy is expecially sensible to the need of this kind of tourism. Even if it is not the first country visited in the World, it should be -- if we count the quality and quantity of goods it hosts.
The history of the western culture is competely soaked from the Ancient Rome Empire.
But, surprisingly, the Italian touristic system does not care a lot about the turists, and doesn't allow strangers to really understand, to really be immersed and dive into the magic of the Past.
Surprisingly, Italians study a lot rests and ruins; they are perhaps the best restorers in the world for these stuffs, but it seems that they have lost the ability to tell their multimillenay stories to the world.
Verba is born to bring a strong and powerful remedy to this lack.

  • Features:

    • impressive stories
    • sequential audio + images
    • interactive story layers
  • Client:

    financing open

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